Esco Williams Mobo Award Winner

Budding Star in the making

The Nubian Times proudly presents the 2012 MOBO Unsung AWARD winner Esco Williams. His multicultural background is very apt! As he’s a liverpudlian. Born of Jamaican, Bajan, Irish and African descent truly he lives in the right place “The city of culture”. Liverpool’s diversity and diverse musical heritage is much wider and diverse than it’s ever been. Artists as the Beatles and Rebecca Ferguson have all come out of Liverpool but Esco Williams is different.

Esco is Truly an engagingly talented and dynamically charismatic vocalist, Singer-Songwriter. His vocals grip your soul from the first few cords hit.  It will be one of the best new Rnb Soulful experiences you’ve encountered in years, home grown talent at its best!. Esco had minimal training and believes he’s been blessed with his talent. He can’t explain what he’s does or how he does it he just does.

Williams – ‘I found my voice when i was seventeen years old. In fact, Barbara Phillips of positive impact found it for me.” (As he laughs out loud). The Nubian Times asked Esco who specifically is your music aim towards, do you have a target audience? “That would suggest I aim my music at one group….I guess I do…my target audience people who enjoy music.” Esco also equates his style of music “Is fan made. Not handmade its a collection of everything I am a fan of.

Esco’s stag present is infectious and remind me so much of the old greats Desmond Decker, Ken Booth, Al Green.  With a splash of musiq soul child he seems classically polite and courteous to his audience.  Isco encourages audience participation and has a true undeniable love for his fans.

The Journey

Esco – when explaining his journey to the present day explosion of blessings…”I been hungry a lot, missed some moments in life that i will never be able to experience again. So yeah, it’s been a Grind! Although it hasn’t been hard per say, I’ve enjoyed every moment….. I’ve sacrificed a lot.”

Williams already is a donator to charity organisation make a wish foundation, I asked him why?”I lost my baby sister to cancer when she was sixteen years old. The foundation granted her wish and took my sister on a super girly glamorous shopping trip in London. The impact it had on them was amazing.”

Now an important question. Where that magnificent Afro gone? “The hair had to go. It was too much high maintenance, putting in three hours of grooming every morning.

Esco Williams parting words for Manchester based – The Nubian Times – “Thank you for your support! Keep giving people like me a voice!”

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