Eureka! Manchester Day workshop opens for business




The Manchester Day workshop, based in the Old Granada Studios, has opened to volunteers ahead of the day celebrating the city’s creativity and diversity on Sunday 19 June.

Featuring a parade along with performances, decoration, and street food spread throughout Manchester’s squares, the theme for this year’s event is Eureka!

The workshop, known as WoW, will be a hub for both volunteers and producers Walk The Plank, who run the parade, to prepare for the day when around 2,000 people will perform in total.

Liz Pugh, Co-founder and Creative Producer of Walk the Plank, said: “The WoW workshop provides a space for the community groups and artists to work on their creations, costumes and performances.

“Mas (Masquerade) camps are also held at WoW and bring a flavour of carnival tradition to the event as a wider spectrum of participants are welcomed into the workshop for a weekend of creating and crafting”.

The event’s theme, Eureka, was chosen to celebrate Manchester’s pioneering position in scientific discovery as European City of Science for 2016 and home of the National Graphene Institute.

Cllr Pat Karney, Chair of Manchester Day, said: “This year’s theme – EUREKA! – allows the imagination to explode in so many different directions, with a huge scope for creativity.

“I can’t wait to see what the come up with”.

The parade will begin at 1pm, travelling from Liverpool Road to Albert Square and St Ann’s Square before finishing at Exchange Square at 2:30pm, while performances and food will continue till 6pm.

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Photo credit: Mark Waugh

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