Evicted Muslim tells Trump to ‘Apologise’

It’s fair to say that Donald Trump’s name is becoming much synonymous with controversy. A Mulsim woman removed from one of the presidential candidate’s campaign rallies has demanded an apology from the presidential hopeful.

Rose Hamid stood up silently behind Mr Trump, as the Republican was speaking at Winthrop University, South Carolina about the threat of Syrian refugees to US security. Hamid was silently protesting at the 69-year-old’s comment last year that Muslims should be stopped from entering the U.S.

One Trump supporter asked her, “Do you have a bomb?” The Council on American-Islamic Relations also urged Mr Trump to apologise.

Despite her silence, Trump supporters around her began chanting Trump’s name – as instructed by Trump campaign staff before the event in case of protests – and pointed at Hamid and Marty Rosenbluth, the man alongside her who stood up as well.

As they were escorted out, Trump supporters roared; booing the pair and shouting at them to “get out”.

“The ugliness really came out fast and that’s really scary”, Hamid told CNN in a phone interview after she was ejected.

TNT News


Photo Credit: 2016 POLITICS Youtube

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