Ex-Human Ken Doll removes 4 ribs to fit into clothes

Rodrigo Alves, formerly known as Human Ken Doll. Has now revealed the slightly mad reason why he chose to remove four of his ribs.

The Brazilian personality, now known as Roddy Doll, appeared on This Morning opposite Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. He became the first man to undergo surgery to have four ribs removed.

Speaking on the show however, he stated how he was hoping to have six taken out, saying:

‘So I visited three different doctors, two in Europe and one in America, and had all my tests and exams done, and they say we can only do four.’

His reason behind the procedure however left Schofield slightly baffled.

‘Thanks to plastic surgery I’m able to express myself through fashion.

‘All my blazers they have to be altered because my size is actually 36 shoulders.

‘But then my around here [waist] was a little bigger, I had to get a bigger blazer and get it altered.

‘Sorry my tailor is going to be out of a job, because after this procedure I’m able to wear a 36 blazer and do it up perfectly.’

Shocked by what he’s hearing, Phil asks: ‘So you have four ribs removed so you don’t have to have your blazer’s altered?’

‘Exactly,’ Roddy replied.  ‘So I can do up my blazers without having to breathe in or break buttons or have my blazer altered.’

If you were wondering exactly where his ribs ended up, Holly & Phil kindly showed off the jar they’re kept in which he brought along to the studio.

While he did state it was a highly dangerous procedure, he was happy with the results. He is looking to shake off his ‘Human Ken Doll’ name by moving beyond plastic surgery.

Roddy said: ‘It’s been a long journey for me really. I love the way that I look, I like to standout, I never had plastic surgery to look like the ken doll.

‘I love myself and that’s important, if you don’t love yourself how are you going to be able to love others.’


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Photo Credit: Loose Women


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