Exclusive auction for landmine-removing charity runs for sixth year

Pioneering, landmine clearance charity, MAG – Mines Advisory Group – has announced the return of the Music Beats Mines auction for 2016.

Students at local university, The University of Manchester, are organising the auction on behalf of MAG. The auction is running from 1st – 11th December – this is the sixth year of the auction. The public will have the chance to bid on signed LPs, t-shirts and other exclusive items.

With landmine casualties reaching a 10-year high and with increasingly unstable regions in the world MAG’s work is becoming even more crucial.

The charity’s priority is to eliminate the risk of indiscriminate deaths and casualties from landmines and unexploded munitions. The risk is to be removed in areas disturbed by conflict.

The inspirational charity aims to return the land to its people. They also aim to release the people from poverty, by allowing land to be farmed and built on. Therefore, the charity works to establish a sense of equality.

MAG’s work takes place all over the world. Public donations are vital to enable a quick response to emergency situations such as the current crisis in Iraq.

In just three weeks, near Mosul in Iraq, MAG has cleared over 250 improvised landmines. They have cleared them from a diverse range of locations. These locations include: deliberately targeted roads, houses, schools, hospitals, and religious sites.

It’s a race against time to help the people of Iraq. MAG needs the support of the local communities urgently.

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Photo Credit: Mines Advisory Group


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