Exhibitions: Dance of the Butterflies

One of Africa’s one of Africa’s foremost contemporary artists, Romuald Hazoumè, has his Dance of the Butterflies artwork in Manchester Museum.

It features swarms of multicoloured ‘butterflies’ which take over the Museum’s Living Worlds gallery, interacting with the Museum’s own collections.

Hazoumè’s work was featured in We Face Forward, the Manchester-wide celebration of West African art and culture in 2012. The 53-year old has returned to create his work fantastic and unique art for Manchester Museum.

The hundreds of butterflies are made from off-cuts of vibrant African wax-print fabrics from the artist’s home country of Benin. Dance of the Butterflies represents a very African take on politics, exploitation and the ‘butterfly effect’ – the way in which tiny impulses within chaotic systems can lead to unexpectedly serious effects.

Hazoumè asked the Museum to give away the butterflies from six pieces in the exhibition on Election Day on May 7th. This was a unique opportunity for visitors to own a piece of contemporary art from a leading West African artist.

Running until December 2015 with free entry, this exhibition is one you surely could trust will be worth your visit.


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