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Explore Old Trafford’s Blue Sci

Blue Sci offers support and advice to members of the local Old Trafford Community.

TNT recently sat down with Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre’s manager and BAME lead, Jessica Lacey. We discussed the services offered by Blue Sci and the strategies used to promote good health and wellbeing.

Services can be accessed at Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre. The centre is one of four different wellbeing centres that operate across Trafford.

Blue Sci work to support the wellbeing and mental health of individuals within the community. They also help to “reduce the stigma” surrounding mental health.

Jessica made us aware of the diverse range of ongoing activities available at the centre. Activities include: arts and crafts groups, a knitting group, music workshops and drama workshops.

Jessica says there are “no barriers” as “services are free for people to access, they don’t have to register with Blue Sci”. As long as people are Trafford residents they are free to access the services.

A BAME women’s group also runs every week on a Thursday. During this culturally appropriate service, women can meet, talk and share snacks. One-to-one support and counselling is also offered.

Jessica says that the activities aim to “improve people’s wellbeing and mental health in quite a holistic way”. Although much focus is placed on counselling or therapy, there are “other ways to support people’s mental health”.

Members of the community can also access a lifestyle service – brought to them by One You Trafford. Jessica said “we do a full assessment of their lifestyle”. When goals are set it’s “all led by that person”.

In terms of increasing elderly access to services, Blue Sci is aware that it is a “big challenge”. Last year they funded a project which looked at “experiences of dementia and memory loss”. The project also looked at prevention.

“We’ve run or supported other groups to run various projects that would actually target people from that older age range”.

Members of the community can visit the centre “regardless” of whether they are going through difficulties or not.

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