Explosion leaves house in ruins in Ashton-under-Lyne

In the early hours of Tuesday 9 August, an explosion erupted inside a terraced house on Curzon Street, Ashton-under-Lyne.

The explosion, which is suspected to have been caused by gas, has caused injuries of different severities to at least 10 people.

People who have sustained injuries from the incident are thought to be the family of three that lived in the property, John Wilson, his wife Hazel and their daughter Danielle.

The rest of the injured parties are thought to be numerous neighbours, who attempted to help the family in the events after the explosion.

All of the casualties are reportedly stable as it stands.

The back and the front of the property have been completely wiped out, plus serious damage to the roof of the property next door.

Due to the property being set on fire, the Wilson’s had no choice but to jump out of windows or from the roof. Mattresses apparently provided by their neighbours broke their fall.

A fundraising campaign has now been set up on the ‘Just Giving’ website, in order to raise money to help the families who have been affected by the explosion.

TNT News

Photo Credit: Short News

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