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Manchester’s Fashionista Jsky reveals his makeup secrets along with seven others in a new Channel 4 makeover show.

Manchester’s very own Jsky, known for his bold style statements – stared in the new Extreme Makeovers – On Fleek, along with other makeup addicts.

The show features “extreme image lovers” who talk about their diverse styles and how they get “on fleek”. The eight participants start out bare-faced and natural, and then demonstrate what it takes to achieve their signature elaborate looks. After revealing their looks, they rate each other’s ‘fleekines’ out of 5.

The format was commissioned by Gill Wilson, who is the head of Channel 4 features. Wilson said, “It’s harder than ever to make a mark as an individual with make-up.

“Those we feature are pushing the boundaries to its limit, trying to create a look which is unique, shocking, utterly perfect or all three.”

In the show, Manchester-based Black model and singer Jsky – whose real name is Jason states that Jsky is an alter-ego. The difference between Jason and Jsky is that: “Jason is a guy who conforms to the norms of society”.

He also explains that he is able to be himself more only when he is able to ‘peel off this layer’ referring to Jason. “When the weekend comes I can peel off this layer and reveal myself to the world.

The great thing when people see me fully made up, they don’t know what they’re looking at.

All I know is that they are looking and that’s what’s most important. At the end of the process you want to fancy the person that you see in the mirror”.

Jsky – who paints his neck with black face paint to create a more angular appearance – doesn’t want anyone to label his sexuality either. He says: ‘Jsky is he straight, is he gay? Does it even matter? The question you want to be asking is “Do you fancy me?”

Often people assume that people with “extreme” styles are ‘insecure’ and feel like they ‘need’ make up, however those featured in the show explain that they do not need make up but want it.

Executive producer Jane Kelly said of the programme: “Extreme Makeovers was a fun accessible new format.

“We have quite a track record in spotting new ways into global subjects so we’re excited to see where our latest trend spotting will take us.”

TNT Entertainment: Samhar Gowhar

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