Fade to Black Season – Generations

STUN in partnership with Fade to Black Film Festival and the Mbari Group is presenting a series of black films.

The showcasing will take place over three Friday evenings – starting from 25 November. Audiences have the chance to view films which chronicle and examine how race relations have changed. They will examine how this has changed from the 1950’s to the Present Day.

There will also be Q&A sessions and talks alongside each film. In these sessions audiences will be able to explore current debates and discuss the politics of the situation. STUN –Sustained Theatre Up North – is a great venue for this event.

This is as the venue is one of Manchester’s few spaces, dedicated to BAME film, theatre and current political debate. Collaborators Fade to Black is the city’s only Black Film Club which specialises in Black Films.

The event will ultimately inspire political discussion within the local community. It will allow audiences look at black film in an analytical manner.

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Photo Credit: Z-Arts

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