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Fashion designer debuts Milan runway with acne-covered models









Malay fashion designer, Moto Guo, is redefining beauty standards after his runway show in Milan witnessed models showing visible spots and acne rashes.

This year has been huge in raising awareness for the confining, and often unforgiving beauty standards, that many women feel the pressure to abide by. The #LoveMyShape body confidence campaign that went viral over Twitter in April, addressed the issues of fat-shaming, skinny-shaming and general women-shaming.

However, many of these body positive campaigns only focus on the body alone, and neglect other issues that affect women’s daily confidence such as skin.

A message that is often portrayed is that skin should be perfectly clear or covered up, and it is exactly this message that Moto Guo is rebelling against. The fashion designer gave the message in his show that your natural appearance is beautiful and shouldn’t be hidden.

Whilst many have deemed this as empowering and confidence boosting, others have taken to Twitter in backlash of Guo’s fashion debut.

Twitter user @millie_phipps regarded the Milan Fashion Week show as “tasteless” and took to social media to say “perpetuating the idea that acne is a fashion statement undermines the physical and emotional pains that go with it”.

Moto Guo’s body-confident campaign isn’t the first to spark debate. Calvin Klein recently caused a storm with the signing of their first ‘plus-size model’, Myla Dalbesio, who is a UK size 10.

What are your views? Are beauty standards being redefined or are body issues being trivialised? Comment below or tweet us @TheNubianTimes.

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Picture Credit: Roberta.Betti

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