Feminist makes sourdough bread with vaginal yeast


When a feminist blogger discovered that she was suffering from a vaginal yeast infection, she absurdly decided to use the unwanted bodily fluid as an ingredient for making bread. Zoe Stavri, who writes under the title ‘Another Angry Woman’, documented the details of her unusual baking experience on social media, causing disgust and shock.

Stavri, who admits to having ‘a slightly perverse sense of humour’ and a ‘keenly scientific mind’, realised that she was suffering from thrush before opting to ignore conventional treatment.

After using a sex aid to retrieve the vaginal yeast Stavri went on to make sourdough bread, a loaf that often takes several days for the ‘starter’ dough to ferment. The woman took to twitter to update her followers throughout the process of making the bread, one tweet saw her post a picture of the bubbling recipe as the yeast began fermenting, with the caption “36 hours into my c***sourdough project. ITS ALIVE!”.

The feminist’s activity incensed her Twitter followers as the process disgruntled many, one follower said “@Stavvers I think your confusing mental illness with feminism”. Stavri replied to displeased individuals by supporting her decision to convey the bread, as she stated “I seem to have ruined bread for some people with a pretty feeble constitution. I will be calling the final result eating p****“.

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