Fertility centre calls for more black egg donors

TNTThe Cheshire Fertility Centre (CFC) in Macclesfield is on the lookout for black females to donate their eggs.

CFC provides a host of services to the African-Caribbean community and currently has patients who need help conceiving, their only hope being the use of donor eggs. These couples would naturally wish to find a donor who shares their ethnicity.

Medical Director of the independent CQC-licensed provider of Fertility, Assisted Conception and Specialist Gynaecology services Dr Edi-Osagie is hoping more women of colour will come forward to share what many women take for granted with women who aren’t able to conceive the traditional way.

The centre is now appealing to African- Caribbean women from across the North West region to consider joining them as egg donors.

There are many reasons why a person can only conceive using donor eggs. They may not be producing any eggs of their own, or their own eggs are not suitable anymore due to their age. Or they may have had medical treatment in the past which has affected their fertility, or they may be single people who want to have a family on their own.

Whatever the reason, their only hope could lay with someone like you who is willing to be an egg donor.

To be an egg donor with CFC the conditions are simple; you must be aged 18 to 35 and of generally good health.
Egg donors receive £750 per donation cycle.

If you think you can help, find out more today about what’s involved by visiting cheshirefertilitycenntre.com

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