Festive Christmas drinks from around the world

Christmas Drinks

Since Christmas is celebrated in so many countries around the world, TNT is here to offer a variety of traditional drink suggestions to try, warm up and uplift your spirit while you are still wrapping presents.

Eggnog, Puerto Rico

Eggnog is a delicious drink and very popular during Christmas time. It is a mixture of several types of milk with coconut cream, egg yolks, cinnamon, vanilla and white rum. It sounds exciting and Christmassy for friends and family to share. It is served cold.

Mulled Wine, Germany

A warm red wine makes an excellent holiday beverage. Enjoy a German hot wine tradition with spices and citrus. It is enjoyed all around Europe. German and Austrians call it gluhwein, while Scandinavians know it as glogg. It’s been said that wine has been served this way since Roman times.

Cafe Mexicano, Mexico

Mexicans celebrate Christmas with a coffee twist, a heavenly drink for coffee lovers. Pour some chocolate syrup into a warmed cup, add the coffee, and top it off with a dollop of thick cream and cinnamon. If you are feeling a bit boozy, spice it up with some brandy.

Wassail, UK

Otherwise known as spiced cider, this has been a festive favourite, hailing from Britain. It is a delightful mixture of apple cider, oranges, lemons, cinnamon, cloves, allspice and nutmeg. This has been a seasonal favourite for centuries and it will warm you up on the coldest days.

Bombardino, Italy

Popular in the ski resorts, bombardino is the Italian kick-start of the festivities. It is made by mixing brandy with the egg based liquor advocaat. There are several variations of the drink; some include rum instead of brandy, and others have a shot of espresso, too.

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