Fidel Castro says he will die soon – Watch

Fidel Castro has given a rare speech to Cuba’s Congress and said it “could possibly be one of the last times” he does so in his life.

The 89-year-old former leader of Cuba has suffered from intestinal problems since the early 2000s and it would appear he isn’t expecting to live much longer.

Castro spoke on 19 April after his younger brother Raul, 84, had been re-elected as head of the Communist party and said the time has come for a younger generation to lead Cuba into the future.

“I’ll be 90 years old soon,” he said. “Soon I’ll be like all the others.”

Castro governed the Republic of Cuba as its Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976 and then as its President from 1976 to 2008. He is known throughout the world as a controversial and revolutionary Communist politician who famously lead the Cuban Revolution – an armed revolt against the US backed authoritarian government of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista which took place between 1953 and 1959.

In both 2012 and 2015, rumours of Castro’s death circulated throughout the world before they were eventually proved to be untrue.

In March this year, Barack Obama became the first US leader to visit Cuba in 88 years but did not meet with Castro which prompted the 89-year-old to pen a 1,500 word letter titled “Brother Obama” in which he recounted the history of US aggression towards the sovereign state, stating “we don’t need the empire to give us any presents”.

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Photo Credit: Roberto Di Fede Pilato Flickr

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