Fifty shades of grey fuss

There is no end to the Fifty Shade of Grey saga, it seems. With half the critics relentlessly slating the E. L James big-screen adaptation and the other half warming to the fantasy’s appeal, there is hardly an objective view on this racy tale that has got us all talkin

What is curious, however, is the sharp contrast between the book reviews and the film version directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. With over 8,000 reviewers eloquently publishing their acute disdain of the book on the Fifty Shades Amazon page, there is continuing wonder as to why the allure of the erotic romantic drama is gathering more heat in the media than ever.

To put it into perspective, the book reviews are better than the book itself as many readers movingly write about James’ poor grammar and controversial plot. “I read this book in a moment of weakness and boredom, and it was probably the worst literary mistake of my life. The characters are one-dimensional, the plot is shaky at best, and the sex scenes are unrealistic and sometimes borderline abusive/rapey. Basically, [it’s] a poorly written, low-quality porno”, one reviewer said having given it one star.

While that may put some off, it hasn’t deterred many as the book fetched record number of sales last year and the film has reignited the heat under many collars amongst, particularly, female readers. The film is out in cinemas now and TNT invites you to share your comments below.

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