Film Review: Sunflower

On Sunday 26 June, Manchester filmmaker, Kunmi Ogunsola premiered his short film ‘Sunflower’ in Hulme’s very own Yard Theatre with astounding reviews.

After years of interest in performing arts the architect, graphic designer and now filmmaker was inspired to get behind the camera and showcase his filmmaking abilities. The Gorton-based director made the film with the aim to produce a platform through which familial issues could be exposed.

His short film ‘Sunflower’ tells the story about the estranged relationship between father and daughter and the implications a sudden passing has on unresolved series of conflicts and emotions. The film comments on the influence of positive affirmation and effective communication between parents and children in the British-Nigerian family.

Although small, the venue was warm and welcoming to the guests that filled the screening theatre. Audiences were treated to live singing performances before the 20-minute screening which was followed by a Q&A.

The film’s budget was composed from Ogunsola’s own money as well as the donations from generous members of his Church. Despite the film costing £3,000 to produce compared to the usual £10,000 plus there was not a cheap shot in sight.

From its contents to the beauty in its mis-en-scene, the short film is a must see due to its potential to be made into a full-feature-length film.

Ogunsola is currently in the thinking process of a new project with inclinations towards a documentary style film about mental health.

Kunmi Ogunsola has proven to be a local inspiration and a TNT one-to-watch-out-for. We are certain that the Manchester based filmmaker is going places, and hoping for ‘Sunflower’ to appear in the Cannes Film Festival.

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Photo Credit:dkaphotography UK


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