Find your inner balance with Bach Flower Remedies

Herbal remedies are a good alternative to pharmaceutical remedies when it comes to feeling good.

TNT recently sat down with herbal flower practitioner, Janet Bainbridge who explained the importance of “emotional healing”.

Janet Bainbridge is a registered Bach Flower practitioner and teacher. She delivers workshops within the community, offering support and advice on how Bach Flower remedies can be used.

Janet says that her mission is to “to teach people about the Bach flower remedies”.  She highlights usefulness of the remedies in these sessions, outlining how they can be used in everyday life.

Bach flower remedies were discovered by “eminent” Harley Street doctor, Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. Dr Bach discovered 38 Bach flower remedies, all of which were “different from homeopathy”.

Janet says that the healing herbal remedies are an alternative “system” which “people can confidently use themselves”.

This system of healing largely focuses on emotional healing and wellbeing. It is important to maintain an emotional balance. Janet says “in this day and age, stress can have a negative impact on your physical body”.

Janet says that the most common remedy used for finding an emotional balance is the Bach ‘rescue remedy’. The remedy is made up of 5 of the Bach remedies. The formula works to “rescue you”, treating “emotional shock”.

The rescue remedy is a suitable treatment which can also be used to treat nervousness. The remedy can be used before an exam, driving test or interview.

Another herb which is used as a rescue remedy is Mimulus. Janet says that Mimulus is taken for fear. The Bach remedies are beneficial to the body as they “work on a vibrational level”.

Janet is based in South Manchester. She aims to be “out in the community” and can also offer one-to-one support. Janet also aims to deliver “higher level” workshops.

Bach remedies are especially useful as they allow you to “come back into balance”.

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Photo Credit: Bach Flowers Remedies

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