Fire-fighters visit Wythenshawe Hall year after fire

Fire-fighters who helped save Wythenshawe Hall from fire devastation have visited the home a year after.

Fire-fighters who helped save the historic Wythenshawe Hall have visited the home as repair work begins. Work has begun at the hall as the roof and exterior of the building need to be repaired.

The March 2016 fire could have been the end for the much-loved building. It was saved by the ‘heroic’ efforts of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS). Fire-fighters battled to prevent major destruction the timber-framed medieval hall.

Despite their efforts, the fire caused a large amount of damage to the roof and several key rooms at the hall. There is also smoke damage in areas of the property.

Conlon Construction has been chosen to begin the repair work. They will work with a team of sub-contractors who have the relevant heritage experience to tackle the task.

Since last year’s fire, archaeologists and conservation architects have tried to save as much original material as possible.

Before repair work started, artefacts were recovered and catalogued. The repair project aims to retain and repair as much original material as possible.

A repair programme – along with planning applications – for the interior repairs will be developed in the coming months.

Pete Lamb of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service commented on the fire team’s recent visit.

“It was so rewarding for all of us who fought the fire to come back and see the progress that has been made”. Lamb said the fire at the hall was a “sad sight”. At times it “seemed the battle could be lost”.

GMFRS is “pleased” they could play their part in “saving this piece of history for future generations”.

The Friends of Wythenshawe Hall look forward to the day when the hall will re-open.

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Photo Credit: Mark Waugh


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