Michelle Obama likened to Ape

A television presenter has been fired after he likened First Lady Michelle Obama to a character from Planet of The Apes.

Speaking on television show El Gordo y la Flaca, Rodner Figueroa said, “You know that Michelle Obama looks like she’s part of the cast of Planet of the Apes,” to the shock of the show hosts who immediately questioned Figureoa’s controversial remark.

His comments have been called “completely reprehensible” by his employers at Univision, where he worked for 17 years before being dismissed for his outburst.

Figueroa has since written an open letter to the wife of US President Barack Obama apologising and begging forgiveness for his “misunderstood” comment and explaining that his remark was in relation to an artist’s depiction of Mrs Obama that he believed was inaccurate.

In the letter he also blames Univision for destroying his career by leaking the incident to the media and claims he wasn’t formally notified of his dismissal or given the chance to rectify the situation. Figueroa also tries to rid himself of his new label as a racist by bigging up Barack Obama and how he voted for the President twice and by telling how he comes from a multi-racial Hispanic family.

TNT News Siobhan White

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