Firefighter Receives a New Face – Watch

Doctors in New York City have successfully constructed a face transplant on volunteer firefighter, Patrick Hardison. Hardison’s face was severely burnt off in a 2001 fire that left him depressed and suicidal.

“My kids were scared to death of me,” he told ABC’s Nightline. “You can’t blame them. They’re young kids”.

It has taken over 12 years and 71 surgeries to rebuild his burnt-off eyelids, scalp, ears and lips. A few months ago, on 14 August, doctors were able reconstruct the hero’s face in what was classed “the most extensive face transplant ever”.

David Rodebaugh, who donated his body to science after a BMX accident, was able to transform the lives of several other patients including Hardison’s.

Speaking to Nightline Hardison said “I went to Macy’s to get clothes and I was just another guy, nobody is staring…I wasn’t scaring any kids. It’s just very emotional to have that”.

TNT News Frances Scott

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