First date ideas in Manchester

First dates can be extremely daunting. What if it’s awkward? Will you make the right impression? What if they look nothing like their profile picture? (who am I to judge Tinder?)

Even if the person you choose to date is right for you, there is the added pressure of what to do on a first date. After all, nobody wants to be a laughing point among the other party’s work colleagues.

This week on TNT’s Ultimate Guide, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for your first date. Sit back, relax and plan the best. date. ever.

NQ Food/Bar Hopping

It seems only fitting to explore the Northern Quarter on a first date. It’s cute, cosy, quirky and so very Manchester. The range of drinks to drink and food to eat is nearly limitless.

Having a few beverages is a classic first date move. A little bit of dutch courage to take the nerves off? Okay, if you insist…

But, if you don’t fancy getting too boozy, going for food is also another safe bet. From Japanese, Mexican, Classic American to Classic English dishes. The NQ has everything to tantalise those tastebuds.

Art Gallery or Museum 

For and injection of art and culture into a first date, why not explore any one (or two) of Manchester’s fascinating museums and galleries? From the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery to the Science and Industry museum, your first date will ooze sophistication.

Live jazz at Matt and Phred’s

Following on with the sophisticated date theme, why not attend a live jazz night? An evening at Matt and Phred’s will leave you feeling like you’ve stumbled back into the 1920’s, in a good way.

Friendly competition – Twenty Twenty Two/ Dog Bowl 

Breaking the ice is a crucial step is making a first date a great one. Friendly competition is one way to do this.

Whether this is playing pingpong at TwentyTwenty Two or going bowling at Dog Bowl, its a perfect first date destination. Don’t be put off if you’re terrible at playing games, sore losers are always the cutest.

Visit a comedy club

Going to the cinema on a first date is boring, its old, its been done one hundred times. Instead of replicating bad experiences, why not switch it up a bit?

Going to a comedy club is another way to take advantage of the vibrant arts and culture scene that Manchester has to offer. If laughing indicates your having a good time, then what better way to start a date? Try The Comedy Store or Laff Til Ya Fart. But be warned, if it is your first date, stay away from the front row. They’ll just know.

Walk along Castlefield basin

There aren’t many things that are more beautiful than a city at dusk. All the glistening lights reflecting off glass windows.

Depending on where you plan your date, a walk along the Castlefield basin may bring that va va voom to a first date. It’s beautiful and romantic, and is sure to impress any date.

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