First online marketplace for black businesses launched

Densu is the innovative online platform for black businesses that has just been launched in the UK, and one that has already been given a prestigious position in the list of how to make money online – best methods.

The platform aims to provide the marketplace to buy and sell products you wouldn’t usually find on Amazon or Ebay. From elegant Kente ties to unique Ankara products, Densu connects consumers to unique products only provided by black businesses.

Created by the UK’s Young banker of the year, Bernard Adjei, Densu has the support of over 100 black businesses.

Launching the platform, Adjei said: “This is overdue for a community that plays a significant role in Britain’s economic vitality.”

Densu will help the UK’s black population trade with each other. The new online platform will also allow business to benefit from the knowledge of a shared heritage through online trading.

Mr Adjei adds that: “Living in the UK and seeing the lack of an online space where black people can showcase and share their skills and talents, and also inspire a new generation, drove me to create Densu.

“My dream is for Densu to provide a platform for our people to showcase their skills and also to provide the consumer with a one stop shop for products relevant to black culture and black people i.e. hair, make-up, clothing and all things uniquely black”.

Densu is determined, in the long run, to support young black entrepreneurs and provide the necessary tools to succeed.

Densu which stands for the “source” is a marketplace that epitomises everything Adjei stands for in terms of quality and uniqueness.

The online community where unique black talents and businesses are showcased and celebrated was officially launched on 27 February.

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Photo Credit: africanews

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