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Five men jailed for aggravated burglaries and robberies in North Manchester

A group of men who ran riot in North Manchester have been jailed.

Between August and November 2016. Five men from an organised crime group committed a number of aggravated burglaries and robberies. They were found in possession of a variety of drugs, carried offensive weapons and blackmailed their victims.

The group carried out a series of violent raids at shops. They were armed with weapons including a sledgehammer, which Williams had brandished at a Co-Op before threatening staff.

Consistent in their approach to the robberies – screaming and swearing at staff members and demanding money with their faces covered. Their getaway vehicles ranged from stolen motorbikes to vans and a Ford KA. Brogan’s fingerprints were on the door, proving him as the driver.

In a police operation , officers executed searches of vehicles and houses connected to the group. Which resulted in the following being seized: Diamorphine worth more than £1500, some of which was concealed in a children’s toy. Weapons including a knife and a hammer and stolen goods.  £290 worth of crack cocaine concealed in 29 individual wraps. Around £200 worth of cocaine and mobile phones.

Analysis of mobile phones revealed enquiries were made to purchase various items and weapons including CS gas, a machine gun and 2000 rounds of ammunition.

During the offending period, a report of blackmail had been made to police. A message sent from the group to a woman in West Yorkshire stating “Tonight, your gaff, going to cut your face, you have [until] 9pm tonight to get the money.”

Her car had been stolen by the group.  Once she had agreed to pay the blackmail fee, Kelly, Peacock and the others met her in Cheetham Hill to return a car key to her. This was in fact a key for another vehicle they had stolen from a handbag. the group fled once again.

Steven Kelly of Harpurhey was jailed for 12 years. Nial Tallon of Blackley was jailed for seven years. Gino Williams of Harpurhey was jailed for 11 years. Matthew Brogan of Harpurhey was jailed for four years and six months. Macauley Peacock of Moston was jailed for three years and two months.

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Photo Credit: Mikey Flickr

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