Flixton’s The Rainband pour in donations

The Rainband have made a generous donation to a campaign fighting to protect Flixton’s Green Belt.

Five-piece Indie-Rock band, The Rainband, has donated £2000 to a campaign launched to stop development plans. These development plans hope to see the building of houses on the Green Belt.

Trafford Council have proposed the building of 750 houses on the site. This is part of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) strategy. The strategy aims to remove Flixton’s well-loved land areas from green belt status.

Land areas which are to be removed will include the Flixton Road side of the William Roe golf course. The Flixton Playing field – along with its 7 football pitches – and Flixton Park will also be removed.

Campaigners argue that the proposed developments will have a negative impact on local infrastructure and the environment. Flixton, Urmston and Davyhulme Future Planning, are fighting the plans, having set up a £5000 appeal.

The appeal takes the fight to the council. The group has employed a planner to assess alternative sites.

The group had raised a total of £3000 when they received an unexpected and generous donation. The surprising donation came from The Rainband, who joined the fight to protect the environment in their hometown.

On the JustGiving donation page the band wrote, “Our hometown means more to us than words can say”.

“Let’s hope the ‘rain’ keeps falling on the green belt for many years to come”, the band wrote. The talented five-piece band encouraged campaigners to “Fight Til the end”.

Michelle McGrath of Flixton, Urmston and Davyhulme Future Planning said that she and her fellow campaigners are thankful.

The group are astounded by the band’s generosity; they thought a hoax or glitch had occurred in the system. McGrath said that this could change the outcome of things for Flixton.

The Rainband’s three-show UK tour will begin in May.

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