Footage of Oldham arson attack – Watch

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has released CCTV footage in an appeal for witness to come forward, after a car was set on fire in Oldham.

On Thursday 14 July, just before 2am, a man approached a car on the driveway of a property on Greenway in Shaw, where he appears to tamper with the filler cap before the vehicle ignites and the man flees onto Great Meadow.

When the occupiers of the house went downstairs to investigate, they discovered the flames had begun to spread to their property.

The family’s neighbours had already called the fire services, who were able to extinguish the blaze. However, it destroyed the vehicle and caused damage to the property.

Detective Constable Adam Frank, of GMP’s Oldham borough, said: “This incident has totally destroyed a car and caused significant damage to the property. The family are lucky that this did not set their house completely on fire.

“There appears to be no reason why this has happened and the family are completely mystified as to why somebody would do this.

“We would like to appeal to anyone who may have been in the area at the time or saw anyone acting suspiciously to come forward”.

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