Footage of police killing unarmed white teenager – Watch

Police in the US have released video footage of two officers fatally shooting an unarmed teenager.

Dylan Noble, 19, was shot 4 times during a traffic stop outside a Fresno petrol station in California on 24 June.

After following an investigation of a man armed with a rifle, the police stopped Noble in his pick-up truck.

When Noble exited his vehicle, he appeared to have one arm in the air and the other behind his back. He then began walking towards the police officers. The footage taken from the body-camera shows the officer’s continued demand to see both hands, but Noble refused.

The harrowing footage then shows police officers repeatedly shooting the teenager. Two shots were fired when he was standing – two more were fired when he was lying wounded on the ground.

After watching the footage, Noble’s father, Darren Noble, said “they just wanted to shoot him”. Noble’s father also went on to say the police were “trigger-happy”.

Noble’s family have since launched legal action against the city stating that the shooting was “an inexcusable use of excessive force”.

Noble’s death comes at a time when communities across the US are overcome with anxieties regarding police brutality. The 19-year-old is one of the 500 who have died at the hands of the US law enforcement in 2016.

The death of Noble received national attention when some protestors in the Central Valley city held up a “White Lives Matter” sign at a vigil. By appropriating the #BlackLivesMatter campaigns, the Fresno protest was quickly snubbed as racist and offensive on social media and news reports.

Supporters of the campaign, and friends of Noble, have since claimed that their way of life and message have been misunderstood.

Protestors have said they simply want justice for the atrocious act of misconduct that took away the life of their friend.

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Photo Credit: Taurean Reign
Video credit:  Los Angeles Times

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