Football embraces the Rainbow Laces campaign

The football community, including major governing bodies, will join to show their backing for the Rainbow Laces campaign.

The EFL, Premier League, PGMOL, and The FA have produced a rainbow photograph to show support for LGBT inclusivity. This part of the campaign, set up Stonewall, which runs from 24 November to 3 December.

The Premier League has introduced rainbow branding to its ball plinths, pitch flags, handshake boards, and timing boards. All top-flight clubs will be supporting the campaign, which aims to “make sport everyone’s game”.

The campaign will have various activities including rainbow-coloured captain armbands, laces and programme adverts.

Meanwhile, former Manchester City star Craig Bellamy has said the Premier League is ready for its first gay player. However, he but believes the “trophy” of being the first to do so could be putting people off.

Former Leeds and LA Galaxy midfielder Robbie Rogers is the only player to have come out. However, he announced in his retirement before soon returning to the game in MLS in 2013. No active player has done the same in England, and Bellamy told The Debate show he hopes that will change.

“I believe the players are ready for it,” he said. “I don’t think players will be a problem and as a coach now, it certainly wouldn’t be a problem for me.

“I can see the media being fine with it, but there must be a problem for a player not to feel comfortable to come out.

“My brother is gay – he’s a couple of years older than me, and I could not be more proud of him. It was right for him. If a player was going through something similar at a younger age, I feel I would be understanding because I was there to watch it with my brother.”

Brighton full-back Liam Rosenior said football has a vital role to play in wider society in embracing LGBT culture.

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Photo Credit: Stonewall | Acceptance Without Exception

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