For a season


“I’ve still not heard from The Black Coffee aka Mr Sterling Freeman since he came to my flat and cooked dinner.” said a broken Sasha.

The six had met up at one of their regular haunts a top notch Indian restaurant in the city centre of Bradford.

“Maybe he didn’t call you because you didn’t free-up,” Steele said matter-of-factly, while shovelling a mountain of food into his mouth.

“That’s not the reason!”  Nia exclaimed, while hitting Steele on his arm.

Knight comically responded, “How do you know that’s not the reason…? I think Steele’s right, if Babygirl doesn’t give up the goods then my mans out.”

“Not all men.” returned Benjamin.

“Yeah,” said Steele, “I would have no respect for a woman if I was serious about her and she freed-up on the first date.”

Knight debated, “Oh come on, stop lying, you know you like dem freak gyal…And you know you’re going back for part 2, 3 & 4…In fact, you’re gonna keep going back for as long as you can get away with hitting it.”

The boys started laughing.

Rolling her eyes Lela said, “Must be some in-man joke, coz I certainly don’t get it.”

Sasha feeling pretty low said, “Maybe he thought I was just a ting then.”

“But why would he go to all that trouble of cooking dinner, bringing the food, the candles, wine and flowers.” asked Lela.

“Coz he’s a BAD-MAN,” responded Knight, “mans got game.”

Ignoring Knight’s remark, Nia said, “Look maybe he did want something but something came up.”

“Like an ex.” replied Benjamin.

“Nooo, like he was really busy.” Nia said defensively.

Sasha returned “Oh Nia thanks but although my ego is slightly bruised, even I know that’s BS.”

Lela asked, “Why do you men do this?”

because we can.” Knight answered.

“So it really is a man’s world then.” Sasha said miserably.

No empress it’s a woman’s world…You hold all the cards.” said Benjamin.

“How?” Sasha returned, “Because Knight just basically said that men can get away with treating us women like dirt.”

“Yes because you women do not realise the power that you have.” jumped in Steele.

With a look of complexity Lela mockingly said to The Six’s men, “Do share.”

Knight bellowed, “The honey pot! Now a days we mans don’t even need to work for it…Gyal are so easy they be givin it up on a first date.”

“Yes!” added Steele chuckling hard and followed up with, “You don’t even have to buy a woman a drink; they buy you the drink and still give up the goods, pure nonsense.”

The boys were all creasing.

Knight professed, “The gyal dem keep running me down, and a keep putting it pon ma toes…I can’t get serious about an empress whose moves like that…Why you tink man still a search for him Babygirl.”

“I hear that.” confirmed Steele.

“There are some muckkies out there.” Knight noted.

“I hear that too!” declared Steele chuckling.

Lela now riled said, “You men and your double standards! I bet its ok though for the mans to free-up on a first date…And I bet if empress does free-up on a first date that all a yuh would still hit it…You man are out!”

Benjamin returned, “Lela don’t group all men like that…The mans are just being real about the standards of women that they have encountered that’s why the search is still on for our Queen.”

An even gloomier Sasha said, “How is this helping…? I didn’t give up the honey pot and he still never came back.”

“Yeah well he could be testing you.” said Steele.

Knight advised, “So whatever you do don’t call him.”

“I’m too old for these head games, I have nothing to hide, this is it, this is me!” said a frustrated Sasha.

“Yes but my man may have been burnt really badly in his last relationship or is dealing with a psycho-ex.” consoled Benjamin.

“Or he’s the psycho one…Because what kind a man sweets you up, comes to ya yard with food and cooks it for you, connects with you on a level and then doesn’t get in touch, him di psycho.” snapped Lela.

Still coxing Benjamin said, “Look Sasha the man brought dinner, cooked it and made you feel special that shows he was on you.”

“Or my mans got serious game.” said Knight.

“But he didn’t get anything.” protested Nia.

“So then you will have to play the waiting game Sasha” informed Steele.

“What, she can’t call him?” questioned Nia.

Angrily Lela said, “Huh, I would never call that man, he would have to move on to the next gyal.”

“Let’s be real he’s not feeling me is he?” said a glum Sasha.

“Why would he not?” returned Nia.

“Well, why hasn’t he called then?” replied Sasha.

Nia said, “Well maybe he just came to restore your faith back in men…And maybe it was just for a season and not, a lifetime reason.”


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