Former Beyoncé bandmate accuses singer of practicing ‘extreme witchcraft’ on her


Barely a week goes by where we don’t cover a completely implausible conspiracy theory but this might be the strangest yet.

A former drummer for Beyoncé is claiming that the internationally renowned singer practices “extreme witchcraft” and is attempting to file a restraining order.

Kimberly Thompson, who was in Bey’s band for seven years, has stated in court documents, obtained by The Blast, that the superstar uses ‘spells to run surveillance on her and control her finances’.

In a restraining order which has already been rejected by a judge, Thompson adds that Beyoncé had cast ‘magic spells of sexual molestation’ and also ‘murdered her kitten’.

On top of that, she has also said that Beyoncé is responsible for her exhaustion, unemployment, house theft and has been ‘taping her phone calls’.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest why the ‘Lemonade’ would allegedly be doing this to Thompson, nor does she herself offer any logical reason behind it, but she’s certain the 37-year-old star is responsible.

People on social media have waded into the debate, with some believing it and others dismissing the claims as false. “I believe it. Beyoncé uses witchcraft to get the world to love her and her music is so overrated,” @ch3rryayo tweeted.

@jelasoul also wrote, “Beyonce using witchcraft huh? I mean it’s obvious as fuck lmao.”

“uhm this is wild but I KNOW beyoncé practices witchcraft,” another user, @rapmanjoon, wrote agreeing with the claims.

Some people even claim they know and that they support Beyonce regardless.

“We know dear. And we don’t mind. We love that Creole voodoo,” guguluv tweeted.

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Photo Credit: The Pop Hub

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