Former conjoined twins start first day of school

Millions of parents across the nation are filled with both joy and pride as they see their little ones off for their very first day of school this week.

But for Angela and Daniel Formosa, their twin daughters’ achievement is an extraordinary one – because Rosie and Ruby have overcome unbelievable odds to reach this milestone.

Having been born joined at the waist, and sharing a part of the intestine – Rosie and Ruby were only given a 20 percent chance of survival.

Within only a few hours of their birth, Rosie and Ruby underwent their extensive separation surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

“When I was pregnant I didn’t think I’d ever see their first day at school so it is really amazing and all thanks to Gosh [Great Ormond Street Hospital] really”, mum Angela has said.

“They are very similar, they are very bubbly little girls, they are very headstrong and very determined which I knew they were from when they were in my belly because of the way they kept growing and surviving”.

Their rare condition occurs in one in every 200,000 live births. Since the success of their separation surgery in 2012, the two “bubbly little girls” have lead happy and healthy lives.

Ruby and Rosie, who are “very excited” to start school will join their older sister, Lily, at their primary school in Kent on Tuesday [10 September].

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Photo Credit: Great Ormond Street Hospital 

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