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Former Egyptian President given life sentence


Mohammed Morsi, the former President of Egypt, has been sentenced to life in prison following an espionage trial in which six others were given the death penalty.

His lawyers have stated that the 64-year-old was found guilty of leading an illegal organisation, and for possessing stolen documents regarding state security.

The Muslim Brotherhood, whom Morsi led to become the first democratically elected President of Egypt in 2012, has condemned the trial.

A statement released on their website on 19 June described the trial as a ‘farce’, and declared the sentencing ‘null and void’.

Defendants in the trial were accused of handing information to Qatar, with two journalists given the death penalty in absentia.

News outlet Al-Jazeera have said that the former director of their Arabic channel, Ibrahim Helal, was sentenced at the trial.

Others sentenced to death include Alaa Sablan, another ex-Al-Jazeera employee, and Rassd News Network journalist Asmaa Alkhatib.

Three people given the death sentence are in state custody, including a political activist Ahmed Afifi, flight attendant Mohamed Kilani, and academic Ahmed Ismail.

Morsi, who faces the death penalty from an earlier trial, became President of the African state in before being ousted in a military coup just over a year later in 2013.

At the time he led the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organisation which has since been declared a terrorist organisation by several governments including that of Egypt.

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Photo credit: Jonathan Rashad

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