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Former Labour MP apologises for using words ‘funny tinge’ to describe BME people

Independent Group MP Angela Smith has issued a grovelling apology after sparking a racism row just hours after quitting the Labour party.

Whilst discussing racism on BBC Politics Live, Angela Smith said ‘it’s not just about being black or a funny tinge…’.

The Penistone MP appeared to quickly cut herself off and added ‘from the BAME community’.

Political journalist Ash Sarkar, who was on the panel alongside Ms Smith, interrupted to ask: ‘A funny what?’

Ms Smith was one of seven MPs who resigned from the Labour Party earlier on Monday in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

After the broadcast, Ms Smith said: ‘I am very sorry about any offence caused and I am very upset that I misspoke so badly’, in a video posted on her Twitter feed.

She added: ‘It is not what I am. I am committed to fighting racism wherever I find it in our society.’

However, the apology has not been enough to prevent a backlash.

Labour MP Rupa Huq told HuffPost: ‘They claim their new Party is anti-racist and modern, yet in the same breath describe Black, Asian and minority ethnic people as having “a funny tinge”.

‘This is, at best, the casual racism of the 70s that I thought we’d long left behind. But it will strike many as an appalling, racist comment. ‘Is the Independent Group going to investigate?’

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Photo Credit: Guardian News

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