Fourth Estate win auction to publish Black Girl’s Bible

Stay versed, ‘Slay’ informed

The award-winning publishing company, Fourth Estate have won an auction to publish a handbook for Black British females.

The life guide, authored by Yomi Adgeoke and Elizabeth Uviebenene, is to be released in spring 2018. The handbook is highly anticipated and will act as a ‘guide to life’ for a generation of black British women. Acting as a ‘big sister’ would, the guide has been designed to apply to all situations and life events. The book, which is called ‘Slay in Your Lane’, will uplift, advise, inspire and encourage black women.

The publishing will fill a ‘void’ which is ‘keenly felt’ by black girls as a result of their underrepresentation. Not only have black women been underrepresented in mainstream fiction but they have also been misrepresented. The guide will create a truthful, relatable and honest depiction of the Black British female’s experience.

‘Make lemonade’

To resolve the ‘emptiness’ created by exclusion and discrimination, the handbook will push girls to ‘make lemonade out of lemons’. Adgeoke and Uviebenene will draw upon key topics such as: work, dating, representation, education and health. Additionally, young women will also be enlightened by stories told by a ‘bevy of successful black women’.

Thoughtfully, the authors have also included interviews from a diverse range of Black British successful women. Two of the many women interviewed are director/screenwriter Amma Asante and MDMFlow cosmetics owner Florence Adepoju. Although ‘accomplished’ these women are ‘simultaneously underrepresented’, thus, the authors aim to ‘inspire and enlighten’.

The ‘Black girl bible’ is described to be ‘infectiously smart, funny and furious’. Its creation has been inspired by the authors’ involvement in online conversations regarding the practise of ‘cropping’ black girls out. It is agreed by many that Black women are ‘largely side-lined’ and do not have a voice.

The ‘flatly contested’ book will be embraced by the black female community. ‘SIYL’ uplifts them, advising them to ‘flourish regardless of perceived limitations’.

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Photo Credit: BBC Trending

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