Fred Talbot trial: Stone Roses star Ian Brown in witness box



Stone Roses singer Ian Brown was in court today giving his evidence in the Fred Talbot historic trial. The star told the courtroom his former biology teacher Fred Talbot taught and encouraged his 11 year old pupils how to masturbate.

The 51 year old singer told the court that Mr Talbot gave the pupils masturbation homework and asked in the following lesson “who was successful?” Subsequently, “some of the boys raised their hands. Mr Talbot then murmured something into their ears whilst the rest of us carried on with our work”, the jury was told.

Mr Talbot, the ex TV weatherman, is on trial over a series of historic sex crime allegations, all of which he denies. The former Granada Reports employee is said to have sexually abused five boys during his teaching years at Altrincham Grammar School between 1968 and 1984.

“Gay porn film”

Taking the witness box at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court today, Mr Brown told the court that Fred Talbot taught him biology between 1974 and 1979. The Stone Roses frontman said he remembered “two or three classes particularly”. In one of the lessons, Mr Talbot “showed us a three minute film on a projector with a young guy in denims, sits on bed, takes trousers down and masturbates”, Mr Brown told the jury. “It was only years later I realised it probably was a gay porn film. It was not a sex education film”, the complainant added.

When asked by prosecutor Neil Usher whether he liked Mr Talbot as a teacher, Mr Brown said he was different from other teachers who were violent. “He was younger than most teachers. He was 25 [years old]. He wasn’t violent. He didn’t physically hurt me”, the witness said.

“Exceptional memory”

The defence QC Suzanne Goddard suggested to Mr Brown that his recollections of Mr Talbot’s sex education classes are wrong, to which Mr Brown said, “Is that what you are suggesting? Suggest on! I know what went down”.

Moments later, the lawyer said to Mr Brown that perhaps he is making all this up, since investigations into Mr Talbot’s alleged offences became prominent.

Mr Brown became agitated in the witness box saying, “Why would I do that? I’m not getting paid by anybody. What am I getting from this? You [Suzanne Goddard] are the one getting paid to defend him [Fred Talbot]”.

“I’m here to ask questions”, Miss Goddard countered Mr Brown.

Miss Goddard further said to Mr Brown that “it is accepted that Mr Talbot was responsible for his pupils’ sex education, but Mr Talbot says no such film would have been shown to 11 year olds”.

“Just because he [Fred Talbot] says so, doesn’t mean my evidence is wrong. I saw it. He showed it”, Mr Brown insisted. The singer further said to Miss Goddard, “I have no reason to exaggerate. Everyone that knows me knows that I have an exceptional memory”.

Fred Talbot, also known as ‘Fred the weatherman’, first came to fame after being on the floating weather map in Liverpool’s Albert Dock on ITV’s This Morning show. Prior to that, he was a teacher at Altrincham Grammar school for boys where he allegedly sexually abused teenage boys.

The trial continues.

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