French police claim rape of young black man was an accident


Riots have broken out in France after a young black man was allegedly raped by police with a truncheon.

Theo, a 22-year-old youth worker was allegedly raped by police with an expanding baton after reportedly resisting them. The 22-year-old was stopped in the street and suffered racist insults and the physical attack after an identity check.

The attack of the young man occurred in the Northern Paris suburb of Aulnay-Sous-Bois. Demonstrations have been held in this area in support of the victim.

The violent attack was caught on CCTV footage. The incident involved four police officers; one sodomised the young man whilst the others looked on. The baton was violently forced into the victim’s anal passage.

The 22-year-old was severely injured; the attack led to him being hospitalised with a four inch-deep anal tear. Theo’s lawyer said that he had to undergo an operation.

After the attack, bloodstains were reportedly still visible in the spot where it happened.

One officer was charged with rape whilst the three other officers were charged with deliberate violence.

The French interior minister Bruno Le Roux had suspended the officers. Roux said that the conditions of the attack must be established “very clearly and with no ambiguity”.

On 9 February 2017, a police investigation concluded that there was ‘insufficient evidence’. French police say there is little evidence to show that the assault on the young man was rape.

Police are deeming that the victim’s injuries are consistent with an ‘accident’. During this ‘accident’ a “truncheon blow” was applied “horizontally across the buttocks”. The victim’s trousers then “slipped down on their own”.

Defender of Human Rights said that the case “illustrates the conflicts that sometimes arise from identity checks”. The independent human rights group said they will continue to investigate the conflicts.

Riots and demonstrations have occurred in the suburbs of Paris in protest against the rape and conclusion.

Tear gas and rubber bullets have been used on protesters.


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Photo Credit: Boyce Watkins


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