Fresh cases of deadly Ebola virus emerge


The threat of the Ebola disease remains extremely serious and recent fatalities have led the world’s top health experts to question if they are competent enough to contain it. The West African nation of Liberia has yet again been reminded that it must be vigilant of the devastating power that Ebola has within its capacity, with the disease possessing the potential to grow in to a deadly epidemic.

Just months after being declared an Ebola-free country, Liberia has again been plagued by a new case, as a 15-year-old boy died on the 24th of November after being tested positive for the disease just a week before. The victim’s brother and father have also been infected whilst more than 150 people, who could have come in to contact with the teenager, are now being monitored.

During the most recent outbreaks health workers have learnt that the Ebola virus can occur in sperm long after the ordinary incubation period, and can be spread through sexual contact. It is unknown whether or not human bodily fluids have played a key role in the most recent cases of Ebola, but authorities are once again on high alert incase the disease spreads.

Civil society groups have intensified a campaign designed to get volunteers to be vaccinated against the disease in a joint US-Liberia ebola trial. On the 23rd of November Liberia stated that the US had agreed to send two experts to the country in order to investigate the sequence of outbreaks further.

TNT News Billy Rooney

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