Frida Farrell shows her rape in movie – Watch

Frida Farrell, who was raped in London 14 years ago, will play her own character in the movie Selling Isobel. The film tells the story of a girl, kidnapped and raped by a bunch of men in Los Angeles.

The Swedish actress decided to tell her own story on stage to raise awareness about sex trafficking. She said that victims should not blame themselves and stressed on the fact that this could happen to anyone.

She also said that having been through the violence herself, nobody would be more suitable for the role.

Frida met her rapist in London when she was in her early 20s. She was working as a model when one day she got asked to take part in a photo-shoot. Peter, who had introduced himself as the photographer, looked like a proper English gentleman worthy of everyone’s trust.

She did not know that, that same man who looked so nice was then going to kidnap and rape her.

Frida was held hostage in his fancy flat for three days. She was given drugs; she was enslaved and continuously raped by different men invited to the house.

On the third day of constant abuse, she luckily managed to escape and report her violence to the police. But her case was soon dismissed because she had voluntarily gone to his and the rapist was never found.

In an interview with Huck Magazine, Frida said she still does not feel confident about the film. “We started working on the script five years ago and I still think, ‘What the hell am I doing?’” she said.

However, her mission with the movie is to encourage girls from every community to always be vigilant. “If I can stop other girls getting into the same situation”, she said, “then my job is done”.

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