Frosty receptions for Boris

The new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been repeatedly receiving frosty receptions in the public since he won the race to be Tory leader.

Johnson did not receive a warm welcome as he arrived in Cardiff for a visit with the Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford.

The new PM was booed as he arrived in the Welsh capital.

It follows a similar reception in Scotland where Mr Johnson was greeted with shouts of ‘lying a***hole’.

He was later booed as he arrived for a meeting with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at Bute House in Edinburgh.

Commentators also cited how cold Sturgeon was towards Johnson. In a video posted by the Guardian of the pair’s meeting, Johnson can be heard sarcastically saying he “seems to have attracted a lively group of supporters”. Sturgeon then coldly said “we like to give people a welcome into our city”.

The PM attempted to reassure the Welsh government about his plans for Brexit.

Johnson the UK will be leaving on 31 October, but recently insisted that it was the EU’s “call” whether or not they wanted a deal.

He said: “We’re not aiming for a no-deal Brexit and we don’t think that’s where we’ll end up.

“This is very much up to our friends and partners across the channel. We cannot go on with the withdrawal agreement as it currently is, everybody understand that, it’s dead.

“If the EU understands that I think we’re going to be at the races. If they can’t compromise then clearly we have to get ready for a no-deal exit.”

Ahead of meeting with Mr Johnson Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford said a no-deal Brexit would endanger not only agriculture but rural life as a whole.

He also said he takes the threat of civil unrest seriously if farmers’ livelihoods were at risk.

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Photo Credit: Guardian News

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