Galaxy S8 raises the smartphone bar much higher

The best smartphone yet?

The news generation of Samsung’s exceptional Galaxy phone is here and it’s one of the hottest tech products of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone has arrived.

Boasting the stunning Infinity Display – a high-resolution 5.8in screen that runs edge-to-edge across the front, flowing seamlessly into the metal back. The Galaxy S8 also offers a 12MP camera, iris scanner for enhanced security and a tough water and dustproof construction.

Coming along in the S8 family is the Samsung Galaxy S8+. If you’re looking for a bigger screen, opt for the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Packed with the same features as the S8, like the iris scanner and 12MP Dual Pixel rear camera that excels in low light, the S8+ increased the Infinity Display’s size to 6.2in and boosts battery life too.

The UK is getting three colours at launch: Orchid Grey, Midnight Black, and Arctic Silver. All three look gorgeous in the flesh, with Gorilla Glass protecting the metal hues underneath. Each one glistens in the light, with the black model creating the least amount of shine, but the others helping to hide fingerprints and smudges that little bit better.

Whichever model you pick, the front of the phone stays black – hiding the sensors and adding to the illusion that the 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen really is filling the whole of the front face.

Meet Bixby

When pushed, the S8 is the fastest Android phone you can buy.

Multi-tasking never slowed the S8 down, with the 4GB of RAM keeping things running smoothly. Apps don’t stutter, games load quickly, and media-heavy websites render without lag.

And then there’s Bixby. This is Samsung’s version of Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, and it’s making its debut here. However, Samsung’s all-singing, all-dancing AI assistant isn’t exactly singing or dancing just yet.

Eventually, Bixby will have three main talents: Bixby Vision, which lets you use the camera to identify – and get information about – real-world objects. Bixby Home is a sort of customised news feed. Bixby Voice, will be your personal smartphone assistant.

What you’re left with here is a brilliant smartphone experience, wrapped in one of the sleekest designs ever. If you’re looking for a smartphone that nails every aspect of everything you could want in the palm of your hand, this is it.

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Photo Credit: Samsung Mobile

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