Gang beat up man carrying confederate flag – Watch

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A recently filmed video clip that has gone viral online shows an alleged white Ku Klux Klan member being beaten and chased in a busy street in South Carolina.

In the graphic video, several black people who are alleged to be members of the Bloods gang in the YouTube video’s description, are seen chasing after a white man who is already on the ground in the middle of the road by the time the person filming arrives on scene.

Early reports cited that the man had allegedly been carrying a confederate flag which led to the gang attacking him.

One of the black people has a stick that he appears to strike the man with before he gets up, stumbling while he runs away across the street.

The incident appears to take place in Columbia, South Carolina, USA on Thursday during rallies at the South Carolina Statehouse, as members of the KKK and a New Black Panthers group faced off.

At one point, both groups were throwing rocks at one another, it was reported. The KKK was at the Statehouse to protest the removal of the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds.

This comes after white 21-year old Dylan Roof fatally shot nine black members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, in June.

According to the Police, five arrests were made during the rallies last Thursday, with charges including breach of peace, disorderly conduct and simple assault. It is unclear if anyone featured in the YouTube video faced disciplinary action.

Commenting on the video, an anonymous user wrote, “Why can’t we just leave all that in the sixty’s? Both the klan [KKK] and bp [Black Panther] had their last hoorays back then. This is stupid to rehash, over and over”.

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