Gangsters and Terrorists? Criminalisation of BAME communities

Several noted academics and activist have organised a public event, which will explore the effects that legal instruments are having on Black and Asian communities.

Black and Asian communities within Manchester have been painted as violent gangsters, thugs or terrorists by the media, police and state through the use of Stop and Search, Joint Enterprise Laws and the controversial ‘Prevent’ agenda. It has meant that they are considered guilty until proven innocent.

Deyika Nzeribe from the Northern Police Monitoring Project (NPMP) has said “The application of these laws on the local population has been quite oppressive, the effects of which as a whole are seldom discussed in public”.

Patrick Williams of Manchester Metropolitan University, Katy Sian of York University, Rizwaan Sabir of Liverpool John Moores University, Waqas Tufail of Leeds Beckett University and Chair Anthony Downer will explain how and why this has occurred an importantly how, as a community, we can move beyond such times.

The event will take place at the Phil Martin Centre (137 Princess Road, Manchester, M14 4RE) on Wednesday 16 March at 6pm.

TNT News Billy Rooney


Photo credit: exposureorg

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