GE 2015: WAL-Five more years of austerity by Conservatives

David Cameron emerged victorious on Friday 8 May after what was expected to be the closest election in years.

Despite the relentless campaigning and more people voting than ever, Cameron and the Conservatives came out on top in what came to be shocking results and an even more shocking aftermath.

The Conservatives won 51 per cent of seats with The Labour Party winning 36 per cent. Possibly the most shocking result was Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats who won just eight seats amounting to one per cent of the vote and leaving them trailing behind The Scottish National Party.

On Friday morning as the news broke, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and UKIP’s Nigel Farage all resigned within one hour in the wake of the surprising defeats.

Labour’s crushing defeat has many MPs and members of the general public speculating on whether Ed Miliband lack lustre persona was to blame. Although many people outside the polling stations stated to TNT that they were indeed voting Labour, they had little to no confidence in Ed as a leader, they  also felt they could not entrust him to lead them out of the current recession.

The hunt is now on for a new labour leader with shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna a frontrunner and Cameron is currently forming his new cabinet, he has already reinstated Theresa May as Home Secretary and George Osborne as Chancellor.

Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman will be interim leader until a replacement for “truly sorry” Ed is found.

Nick Clegg… well where do we begin, what a devastating defeat and a hard slap in the face. The country finally made him aware of how they felt about that coalition government, not only has it cost him his job as leader of the Lib Dem’s it may have cost him credibility and his party’s standing as a trustworthy viable future option.

With just eight MPs compared to 57 in 2010, Nick Clegg called the results “crushing” in his leaving speech where he also confirmed that a leadership election would take place to find his replacement.

Nigel Farage side stepped as usual, resigned but also vowed to come back after he lost his seat in Thanet South but said he would consider entering the running for the job again in September when the leadership election is held.  Farage racist remark and antics by himself and others marred their viability but showed their true colours as they continually launched record verbal attacks on immigrants, migrants and single handily undermined their own campaign.  Although it pains to say, with the large droves especially female and younger electorates that did indeed vote for UKIP they only managed one seat?  (That certainly got raised eyebrows, for a hot minute).


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