Germaine Greer sparks anger saying Meghan Markle will bolt from Prince Harry

The looming royal wedding might have many selecting their finest hat, but Germaine Greer is here to pull down your bunting and sit in the cake.

The 79-year-old writer has claimed Meghan Markle will ‘bolt’ from Prince Harry after the wedding, explaining how the royal establishment will strip her of the life she’s created.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning, Germaine criticised some of the actions taking place ahead of the wedding, and even Markle’s style choices.

‘Well she’s built herself a pretty good life,’ Germaine said.

‘She was doing her work for World Vision, going to Africa, bringing attention to the question of clean water and so on. She’s had to give that up.

‘She’s had to be baptized into the church of England at the age of 36, but what was she before? And have they no respect for what her religious posture was at that stage?

‘Apart from the fact they keep dressing her in brown. Well they’re not stylish, what about that dreadful hat? The cow turd hat… who is her stylist?’

Greer explained how she believes she wouldn’t be able to place a bet down the bookies on Markle bolting within five years.

‘What I find interesting here is I don’t think she’ll bolt before the wedding,’ Germaine added.

‘I think they’ve got her feet nailed to the floor at the moment. But most of the royal spouses bolt eventually if you think of the track record.

‘I don’t think I’d get odds if I tried to get on now to back her to leave within 5 years.’

Asked directly by Eamonn why she’s being a killjoy, Germaine said: ‘I don’t want to be the wicked witch.

‘If I say I think she’ll bolt, I’m actually probably saying I hope she’ll bolt before her possibility of a life is completely eradicated by the dreariness of the firm.’

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Photo Credit: Helen Morgan

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