Ghana celebrates 60 years of independence

Ghana’s citizens home and abroad are celebrating the 60th anniversary of their nation’s independence.

On 6 March 1957, the Gold Coast – which was later renamed Ghana – gained independence from British rulers. The west African nation had much to celebrate, becoming the first black African country to gain independence.

After independence was granted, Ghana became the first member of the Commonwealth nations. President Kwame Nkurumah led the country into independence, transforming Ghana into a republic, declaring that Ghana was “free forever”.

As Ghana celebrates its 60th anniversary, many are remembering and celebrating the legacy of its former leader.

Celebrations are taking place across Ghana. Ghanaians have been told to expect a ‘very modest’ and ‘very amazing’ celebration. Jefferson Sackey, a spokesperson for Ghana at 60, said it was time for Ghana to “reflect as a nation”.

Ghanaians are encouraged to think about their history and their future. The theme, ‘Mobilising for Ghana’s future’, will be upheld throughout national celebrations.

The celebrations will be marked with a traditional march past the ‘iconic’ Black Star Square. A parade will also take place.

Similar events will also take place across Ghana’s regional and district capitals. President Nana Afuko-Addo is expected to take the national salute and deliver a speech.

A torch will also be lit and carried throughout the whole of Ghana. This is one of the main celebration activities. The torch will arrive back at its starting point on 6 March 2018.

Former Ghanaian president, John Mahama, wrote a message to Ghanaians on Twitter. He saluted Ghanaians and asked them to “dedicate” themselves to “make the next 60 years even better”.

This is also a special day for Ghanaians abroad who are also celebrating their country’s history and culture.

Rapper Stormzy tweeted, “Ghana we love you. What an honour and a blessing it is to be Ghanaian”.

Ghana’s 60th anniversary of independence will be largely celebrated across the globe.

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