Gigantic showcase Netball Manchester Live at Arena

Rival sports fans across the North of England are cohering and supporting Netball Manchester Live, a gigantic netball showcase scheduled for 18 April at Manchester Arena.

Yorkshire Jets will be bringing an army of fans from across the Pennines to face Manchester Thunder on home turf, in what promises to be a memorable climax to the Vitality Superleague season. Thunder can rely on their noisy supporters and a new audience, who are excited to experience a world-class live sporting event.

As well as presenting the Roses rivalry, the event also aims to strike a blow for Northern sport over the South as a record attendance is being sought after. Tickets are selling fast and the event could break the previous record of 6,033 people, which was set by Netball London Live last year.

Captain of Manchester Thunder, Sara Bayman, has remarked, “I think it’s a massive opportunity. With Netball London Live doing so well it’s put netball on the map but it’s important that the northern teams have something to compete with that. The Roses rivalry goes back centuries and we’ve got teams that are full of local talent so it does mean something to the players too”.

Meanwhile Stacy Francis, Captain of Yorkshire Jets, has stated, “It’s fantastic for the sport. Netball is at that really great time right now where its transitional and its growing and teams need to make those financial and commercial steps into bigger venues”.

TNT Sport Billy Rooney

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