Girl’s suicide after fears of forced marriage



The perilous nature of forced marriage is always one most felt by the bride and groom, not the community or family imposing it.

A recent example which has shocked the nation is that of as aspiring fashion designer who walked in front of a lorry, because she feared losing her Pakistani boyfriend to an arranged marriage, an inquest heard.

Just minutes before Suk Yin Cheng was killed on a busy dual carriageway, she called Khalil Mohammad and said, “I love you. I’m doing this for you”.

Miss Cheng left a note on her iPod stating concerns that Mr Mohammad, 22, her boyfriend of two years, was going to be forced to marry someone else.

Mr Mohammad told police he and Miss Cheng, 20, (known as Caley) were “inseparable” and wanted to marry.

Miss Cheng, who worked as a warehouse in Burton, Staffordshire, had “seemed fine, happy and smiling” when she left Mohammad’s house in Derby at 11.30pm last July 1.

Mr Mohammad said he spoke to her at 12.15am. “She said that she loved me and that she was doing this for me. I did not know why she was saying that”, he said.

At 12.40am Miss Cheng was killed on the A38 near Burton. Coroner Andrew Haigh ruled that she “committed suicide while distressed”.

On Thursday 14 January 2016, Mr Mohammad’s family said they were not planning an arranged marriage for him.

His mother Shakiela, 40, said, “We didn’t know they wanted to get married, but if they told us, we would have arranged it straightaway”.

Miss Cheng leaves behind her mother Anita, her father Ken, her older brother Calvin and her younger sister Winny.

Following news from the inquest, a debate was sparked on social media about arranged marriage, with some citing that “Families should always leave the decision to the couple. It’s 2016, be flipping real”, Kirsty Chambers tweeted.

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