GMP acknowledges judgement made by tribunal for DC Paul Bailey

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Greater Manchester Police acknowledges the judgment made by the Employment Tribunal with regard to Detective Constable Paul Bailey.

“We agree with the ruling of the Tribunal that DC Bailey’s return to Greater Manchester Police following his secondment was managed badly, but did not amount to direct race discrimination. We accept the findings of the Tribunal that the Force’s actions amounted to victimisation because of a previous agreement made with DC Bailey.

“We also accept the findings of the Tribunal that the Force should have referred DC Bailey’s complaint about his treatment to PSB and that our failure to do so amounted to direct race discrimination and victimisation.

“This is something we as a Force take extremely seriously. The organisation will always try to resolve workplace complaints in the most appropriate forum and this issue, together with the others that the Tribunal identified, is something we will look to learn from as we move forward.”

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