GMP become first force to record LGBT domestic abuse

Greater Manchester police (GMP) become the first force in the UK to record LGBT domestic abuse.

GMP’s city centre division has already been recording LGBT domestic abuse cases since June last year.

The police have used the code D66 to record domestic abuse in the LGBT community.

Detective Chief Inspector Myra Ball released a statement. “This code will help us to identify and monitor LGBT domestic abuse incidents, which in turn will help us shape any processes needed to tackle it”.

From June till the 10th April, over 150 recorded domestic incidents have occurred in the city centre.

The recording method used by the city centre division has now been introduced to the whole of Greater Manchester.

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said: “Domestic abuse is still very much a hidden issue in the LGBT community.

“But this ground-breaking move is already helping to give a clearer picture of this abuse.”

The police have worked Independent Choices, LGBT Foundation and have had extra training to meet the needs of abuse victims.

Joanne Simpson from Independent Choices said: “Congratulations to GMP in leading the way on highlighting and identifying domestic abuse incidents in the LGBT communities.”

“This will go a long way in breaking down barriers that prevent people coming forward to receiving help.”

In partnership with Independent Choices and LGBT Foundation, a new Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (or IDVA) has been appointed.

Nik Noone, CEO of Galop said: “Domestic abuse does not discriminate, and neither should the reporting of domestic abuse.

“The GMP’s D66 code will not only help break down barriers to reporting, we hope it will encourage other police forces across the country to rollout similar initiatives.”

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Photo Credit: David Dixon

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