GMP holds ‘illegal highs’ amnesty

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is appealing for people to ‘hand in their highs’ as part of a week-long amnesty.

New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), previously known as ‘legal highs’, used to be readily available from retail outlets but the introduction of ‘The Psychoactive Substances Act’ in May has made it illegal to sell, supply or import these drugs.

‘Illegal highs’ are engineered to have a similar effect on users as drugs such as cocaine or cannabis. As there is no regulation with these drugs ingredients and strength can vary between batches.

As well as being highly addictive, some users have experienced seizures, mental health issues, brain damage and heart problems. NPS have also been linked to a number of deaths.

The amnesty, which takes place 18 – 24 July, allows retailers to get rid of any stock they may still have, without any questions asked.

Users are also encouraged to put their health first and get rid of their highs before they make themselves or others ill or worse.

GMP is keen to stress that no personal information will be taken and the process will be completely anonymous.

For more information on the opening times of your nearest amnesty drop off point, please visit

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